Weekend Trading! 24/7 Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Gold, Silver, etc

The world is moving towards 24/7 markets - we're one of the first. Make the most out of this advantage while it lasts.

Loop is a fully decentralized exchange built on the Terra blockchain.

24/7 instant trading of 12 popular cryptocurrencies, 18 synthetic stocks and 4 fiat currencies:
Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix Gold, Silver, USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, Etc

3 easy steps to get started:

1. Add the TerraStation Wallet to your Chrome browser on desktop and create a new wallet (see our tutorials for details & to learn how a crypto wallet works and why you should use one.)

2. Visit Moonpay or your favorite crypto exchange and buy UST or LUNA and send it to your new wallet address.

3. Visit our Web App and START TRADING!!

Why a Decentralized Exchange?

Decentralized exchanges (DEX's) like Loop work totally differently from a centralized exchange like Coinbase or Binance.

You may have heard of "DeFi" or Decentralized Finance? A DEX like Loop is part of this technology - built totally on the blockchain.

You retain control of your cryptocurrencies at all times - they're stored in your wallet (the TerraStation extension) which means you can never get banned or blocked and never lose access to your assets.

This is true financial freedom.

Learn more about why and how to create your own crypto wallet like Terra Station here.

Learn more about the Terra blockchain here.

Yield Farming: Earn Passive Income From Your Assets!

Our incentivised liquidity pools means that anyone who is holding cryptocurrencies can earn extra income just by depositing them into our pools.

By providing liquidity, you earn a percentage of the trading fees every time someone makes a trade.

On top of that, you can also earn LOOP tokens on top, in what is known as "yield farming".

And of course, you can withdraw your assets at any time.

Support Exciting New Projects

Get in from the ground up on some of the most exciting new projects in the crypto space!

We are collaborating with many other projects building on the Terra ecosystem to launch their own tokens on Loop!

By supporting these projects early, you can not only have satisfaction from helping build the financial system of the future, but you can also potentially gain access to the outsized returns that are often only reserved for VCs and other large investors.

Crypto is bringing startup investing to the people!

Thorchain Integration

Loop will be integrating with Thorchain to make cross-chain swaps between Terra, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Binance Chain a reality!

Through our easy-to-use UI and our integration with the XDeFi wallet, users will be able to swap their native assets on other chains directly for any asset on the Terra blockchain (or vice versa).

Loop Positive Feedback Fund

10% of the LOOP token supply will be put into a special fund called the Loop Positive Feedback Fund.

Income from this pool will go towards projects which are aimed at improving the world we live in.

These can be environmental or social projects, and can be voted on by the whole community!